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About Us


Everyone Can Win

We want to keep you engaged and competitive from start to finish. No one likes competing in a one-team league - just ask French teams that have to face PSG week in and week out. One player getting all the accolades is boring and makes the whole season pointless. But we are different. We give you challenges and milestones each Gameweek and reward you when you complete them. We play that killer pass that puts you in front of an open goal, and all you need to do is tap the ball into the empty net. In our crypto fantasy community, everyone's a winner.

A Joint Effort

We are all about community and shared values here at Allstars Fantasy. Cristiano Ronaldo might disagree, but football is not fun when only one person has the ball. With us, however, even the most narcissistic Ronaldos become hard-working Kantes that put the team first. We make that happen by ensuring that whenever our community grows and works better together, prize pools increase too. At Allstars Fantasy, we put you in a well-oiled machine of eleven Kantes that benefits from the strategies shared, input given, and friends invited.

Stay In the Game from Start to Finish

At Allstars Fantasy, we don’t want you to lose interest after Gameweek 3. We want to keep you pumped up and raring to go from start to finish. Of course, you will still compete with players so good you suspect they might have psychic abilities. However, we will give you all the tools you need to match them or even be better. With Allstars Fantasy, you benefit from strategies and insider info only the best scouts can obtain. We also deliver the latest football news, and our community gives you tips so accurate you will think David Beckham was on the other end.

The Allstars community values are:

You will be part of the most inclusive fantasy league in the world with transparency being at the heart