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Become a Champion in 3 Simple Steps!


Nothing beats seeing your team flourish and sharing that excitement with your mates. At Allstars Fantasy, you get exactly that. Picking a winning team and celebrating with your friends under confetti rain is as easy as 1-2-3.


Choose Your Allstars

Pick a winning team of 7 by Choosing Your Favorite Players. Show your Management skills by selecting your starting 5 Allstars each week.


Fund Your Wallet

Buy Allstar Fantasy Coins (AFC) on major DEXs and on-site Payment Providers. Use AFC to buy-in Allstars Fantasy contests.


Compete and Win

Challenge the best managers in public pools and battle your friends in private tournaments. When your players perform well, you win AFC and we all celebrate with you.

Lifting Silverware Has Never Been This Easy

Allstars Fantasy is a crypto fantasy sports site where everyone can win, and everyone does win. The whole Allstars community works towards making that happen, and together we help worthy champions get the prizes they deserve.

The best thing about Allstars Fantasy is that we redefine the fantasy sports concept but still keep things simple. You can look at Allstars Fantasy as a typical Carlo Ancelotti team - we play simple and yet dazzling football. Oh, we also always win - no eyebrows raised.

Each Allstars season is divided into Gameweeks. Gameweeks are the fixtures that teams play each week. You know, the games you leave work early for. You compete in our fantasy leagues by joining weekly pools. These can be public or private. Public pools are available to all players. In private pools, you play against the mates you invite, and, depending on how well your team does, you either love or dread going to the office the next day.

And selecting a winning Allstars Fantasy team is a piece of cake. All you need to do is pick one goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, and two strikers. From these seven, you select five starters and must include a goalkeeper and at least one player from each position. Basically, you can’t be Pep and pick a team consisting entirely of midfielders. You name a captain too.

The players you pick collect points for scoring, assisting, and keeping clean sheets, but are also penalized for picking up cards or missing penalties. You can create up to three teams for each Gameweek.

So, how do you win? In a nutshell, players with the most points at the end of the Gameweek win the AFC amount assigned to the pool. Also, you get your fair share of achievement badges for completing specific milestones. Each of these will give you AFC coins and other prizes. So, you don’t have to wait for the season to end to get your crypto fantasy windfall. You can get it with every hat-trick or brace scored. The Allstars Fantasy community loves champions, and we feel you are one of them.


Picking Your Title Winners

The great thing about Allstars Fantasy is that we have made team creation as easy as shooting at an empty goal. We give you football’s creme de la creme on a silver platter, and you choose the seven champions that will bring you glory. This is how you kick off your first Allstars Fantasy season.

Select Seven Players

Pick a Starting Five and a Captain

Name Your Team and Start Playing